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We’re very happy to be joined by Matthew Hall to continue the Meet our Client Series. Matthew is ‎the Communications Assistant for The Diocese of London one of the 41 Church of England Dioceses.

Moove and The Diocese of London’s partnership began in 2014 when Moove were commissioned to build a new WordPress website for the Diocese of London. Moove created a cutting-edge responsive WordPress website, that has several bespoke elements such as a bespoke widget system and a connection to an online directory service.

WordPress Website Case Study
We caught up with Matthew and asked him to share some news from The Diocese, what it’s like working with Moove and his role as Communications Assistant.

Quick-Fire Questions: About The Diocese of London

What is The Diocese of London and what is its mission?

The Diocese of London is the group of Church of England organisations located in North London. It comprises parishes, schools, chaplaincies, missional communities and other organisations, which are united by their common Christian faith. The Diocese is overseen by the Bishop of London, assisted by Area Bishops, Archdeacons and senior staff, and administered by the staff of the London Diocesan Fund. Its Cathedral is St Paul’s.

How do you communicate The Diocese of London’s message digitally?

The Diocese of London communicates through a number of social media accounts and email distribution systems. The purpose of which is to direct traffic to our website which holds information on events, policies, news, guides and a wealth of information for parishes to operate on a day-to-day and weekly basis, for worshippers spread across the capital.

What has worked well for you in growing digital marketing outreach?

A great website, that is easy to use and edit, so staff can upload information to the website easily and speedily without hassle.

Tell us more about your Capital Vision 2020 project

Capital Vision 2020 is our collective vision, which emerged from conversations with nearly 2,000 people and has three major themes, with ten specific areas in which we plan to be more purposeful and imaginative. As a result, people in churches are connecting in all sorts of ways: through traditional media, such as parish magazines and newspapers, but also using digital to build ever-deeper connections online to family, social groups and their Christian communities. Before deciding whether to join a church in worship, many people will first check online. A good parish website is an appealing ‘shop window’ that will attract visitors, which is what we aim to do.

What are your favourite sources of information that help you stay on top of the latest development trends?

I enjoy a varied source of information and find that LinkedIn and Twitter provide topical information. Email campaigns from our extended partners like HubSpot are a huge source of inspiration for me too.

The Diocese of London & Moove

Moove Agency and Diocese

We have worked together since 2014, what has your experience been of working with us?

The partnership has been a lifesaver! You work as an extended part of the Diocese team – I’m so overwhelming pleased with how we work together and how you support our digital projects with your WordPress Support Services!

What was the reason that you wanted to work with Moove on your WordPress project?

We were very impressed with Moove’s presentation and enthusiasm for the project. You showed a true understanding of our needs and a real commitment to the vision we want to achieve with this project.

And finally, what’s next for The Diocese of London?

We are reviewing and looking for ways to improve both the content and functionality of our website. We have also welcomed the new Bishop of London, as you can imagine there has been great excitement and a lot of work involved in this process. We are also working together with the Church Urban Fund to raise awareness for Capital Mass, which aims to engage and equip every parish in the Diocese of London in tackling poverty and inequality.

Thanks, Matthew! Here’s Moove and The Diocese of London’s continued partnership!

Check out The Diocese of London’s website and our case study.

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