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We’re thrilled to be joined by Lauren Fortune to continue the Meet our Client Series. Lauren is the Chief Marketing Officer at Teneo who are specialist integrators of next-generation technology.

Initially tasked with developing a new WordPress website for Teneo, we have been working together since 2012. We created a cutting-edge WordPress Multisite that has grown and developed as the company has scaled.

We caught up with Lauren and asked her to share some news from Teneo, what it’s like working with Moove and her role as Chief Marketing Officer.

WordPress Developer

Quick-Fire Questions: About Teneo

What is Teneo is and what is its mission?

We are a specialist integrator of next-generation technology. We are always on the lookout for the latest and cutting edge tech in the network and security sectors. We have a global presence and lots of experience with deploying services at large scale. We understand our customers needs through our consultancy and bespoke workshops to work in collaboration with our customers. Our mission statement is “Opening minds to new possibilities”, and we genuinely believe that we are trailblazers integrating cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

Teneo has acquired Management Communication Services LLC – What should we expect from this fantastic acquisition?

When we acquired MCS, it not only broadened our customer base, but it also brought a wealth of expert knowledge and specialism to the company. We have coverage across multiple time zones with the MCS being based out of the west coast of America, this, in turn, will provide a better experience for our US-based customers. We are working hard to integrate and streamline all previous MCS communications and digital assets to use one unified Teneo message. Our business has transitioned from a product-based offering to a complete service-based operation we need to ensure all areas of our business are brought up to speed and functioning at peak performance.

Tell us more about your SD-WAN project

SD-WAN is the centrepiece of a push toward next-generation networking. We have lots of customers who are looking to undertake digital transformations; we need to be at the forefront of this journey. For businesses to offer the best digital services to employees and customers, you need to have a network that is available 24/7. In today’s fast-paced world 2-3 seconds downtime is a huge deal if you are a payment processor or an e-commerce business.

Our software-defined approach means that the customer can set priorities for the business, it gives business much more choice and flexibility moving forward. We have completed transformations for startup businesses to large multinational corporations, each using our trusted methodically and consultancy service. We have also started to run SD-WAN Workshops where we will talk through with the customer there needs and desires from SD-WAN along with larger discussion topics such as cyber security and data management.

Teneo & Moove

Moove and Teneo

We have worked together since early 2012, what has your experience been of working with us?

We love working with Moove Agency! When we initially started our rebrand and redevelopment of the Teneo brand we needed a reliable, professional and specialist WordPress Development team to undertake the web development work. Ogilvy One handled the rebrand and designs, but we needed Moove to take these designs and architect a secure, scalable solution for us.

We needed something flexible that was user-friendly and didn’t require any specialist knowledge to start posting content. Moove’s enthusiasm for the project and our business need was a huge factor in us partnering with Moove; we felt that Moove understood Teneo and would own the project with our best intentions at heart. We loved the website, and how easy it is to use, we also appreciate how Moove would collaborate and work with our other 3rd party suppliers and agencies.

We love talking with Moove and pulling on their experiences with other clients to inform our decisions and future marketing plans.

Why did you want to use WordPress for your website?

We knew we wanted to use WordPress due to being open source, easy to update and is built for search engine optimisation. We needed to rank well for organic search as paying for placement in Google search wasn’t feasible for us initially. WordPress was a cost-effective solution that was easily extendable and could provide us with the scale and flexibility that a marketing team needs.

Having designed and developed your new website from scratch, has it had an impact on the amount of new leads that Teneo receive?

We have received better quality leads to the website, the number of visits has increased significantly across all sites within our network and our datasheet downloads which are important for lead generation campaigns quadrupled!

We can also see through our marketing partners the quality of the brands that are visiting our website. Historically, the UK was the dominant market for Teneo, but through the new acquisitions and region-specific content, we see more leads from our global audience. We have received anecdotal feedback from customers during workshops and new business pitches that the website is straightforward, clear and very informative.

Your Role as Chief Marketing Officer

What challenges do you face as a Chief Marketing Officer in 2018?

Staying relevant and up to date with the latest technology and trends is a challenge. Being able to guide customers through their digital transformation plans, having moved from a product reseller to developing our services we need to help customers achieve their business outcomes. The message needs to be elevated, and we are continually trying to evolve our marketing tools and techniques to stay at the cutting edge of technology.

We are currently looking into marketing automation tools and how best to automate and streamline the process of sending leads to our Sales team for contacting. Data can be a challenge, being a global company keeping on top of data requirements for region-specific locations can quite involved. We are looking to comply with GDPR fully but also assess the impact that GDPR will bring to our businesses. We are also actively looking into ways our customers consume our marketing; we are reviewing email marketing and how this fits into the overall marketing package.

What has worked well for you in growing marketing outreach?

The website is our central hub for all marketing activity. All the Events, press releases and content marketing we produce can be found and have a place on the website. It needs to function as a central hub that is easy to navigate and can surface the most relevant content for potential customers. We have put a lot of marketing resources behind social channels specifically LinkedIn and Twitter as we have seen great traction and referral visits.

We have experimented with Paid Search and have seen excellent visibility, but we are competing with vendors with large pockets so becoming more strategic and precise is one of our action points moving forward. We are fascinated by knowing how to harness a lead and develop this into an excellent informative follow-up and progresses the customer on their path to purchase.

Would you say that our work helps your work and achieving your marketing targets?

Yes, absolutely and the website needs to be a core part of the whole marketing strategy and communication platform.

As a marketer, what are your favourite sources of information that help you stay on top of the latest trends?

LinkedIn is my go-to source for industry and vendor partner conversation; all my contacts are connected, so reading and commenting on the shared content is an excellent source for me. I always read my emails (even though my inbox is quite full) and enjoy reading newsletters and product updates from our vendor partners and 3rd party suppliers who act as an extended part of our team. My trusted black notebook comes with me to all calls, meetings and Events; I’m constantly making notes and keeping track of ideas or new developments that could inform or improve the Teneo marketing offering.

And finally, what’s next for Teneo?

We have big push around our SD-WAN Workshop, which provides customers with a well-structured approach to building your SD-WAN business case. It also gives our customers a real feel of Teneo, who we are and our capabilities. It also offers Teneo excellent knowledge and insight into our customers and the challenges they are facing. We are still pushing forward with SD-WAN after a phenomenal year of growth and demand; this service shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Continuing to evolve and trailblaze new solutions with our vendor partners, we were awarded three honours (Best Marketing Campaign, Solutions Partner of the Year and RASP Partner of the Year) from our trusted partner RiverBed.

Teneo Award

Thanks, Lauren! Here’s to Moove and Teneo’s continued partnership!

Check out Teneo’s website and our case study.

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