Meet our Client: Europe’s Leading Whistleblowing Hotline Provider Expolink

We’re joined by Jamie Lombard, Marketing Manager at ExpolinkEurope’s leading outsourced whistleblowing hotline service provider.

We have been working together since 2016 when Moove Agency were selected to design and develop a fully responsive multilingual WordPress Multisite for Expolink.

We asked Jamie to share some news from Expolink, what it’s like working with Moove Agency and his role as Marketing Manager.

Quick-Fire Questions: About Expolink

Q. Can you give us an introduction to Expolink and its mission?

Imagine you’re an employee who has seen or suspect something happening at work that you believe is unethical, unsafe or even criminal.

Perhaps the incident you’ve witnessed involves your manager, or a senior director.

Out of loyalty to your employer and your colleagues, you feel compelled to speak up – but fear the consequences of doing so. Who do you tell? How will you be treated?

Expolink provides an independent, confidential way for people to raise those concerns – anonymously if they wish.

Our mission is to enable every organisation to build an open, ethical culture for the benefit of its employees, customers, partners and wider community.

WordPress Case Study Expolink

Q. How do you market the Expolink product offering?

The website generates the majority of our leads so it’s been important to make that a much nicer place for people to be, and somewhere that naturally converts visitors into leads. Moove have played a huge role in helping us achieve that.

We try to position ourselves as ‘problem solvers’. We’re aiming to reach a very mixed audience, so creating practical, helpful content for our various buyer personas is a really important part of our marketing.

Most of this is ultimately aimed at driving traffic to the website – predominantly through organic search, but also through social and paid online channels.

In terms of approach, we try to lead with our personality and USPs to differentiate from our competitors. This is important because many visitors are in the market for the service at that moment, and will buy from us or a competitor. We aim to be seen first and/or connect with a relevant message and become the preferred choice.

Beyond online activity, we work with channel partners and we attend events across Europe attended by the senior decision makers among our target audience. This gives us a rare opportunity to speak to them about the challenges they’re facing and how we can help solve them.

Q. What challenges do you face as Marketing Manager?

Time constraints, the changing marketing landscape, and finding effective people to help you deliver your strategy.

Beginning with the bigger picture, I guess the areas that now fall under, or are deeply intertwined with marketing seem to be growing all the time. For example, how many companies separate ‘digital’ from ‘traditional marketing’ anymore? Isn’t customer service inextricably linked to brand? Marketing touches virtually every area.

I think there’s therefore more pressure on managers and departmental heads to have a broader knowledge base than before. That naturally breeds a greater reliance on agencies and subject experts…but they still need to be managed effectively, which requires a depth as well as breadth of knowledge.

At a day-to-day level, the main challenge is finding the time and resource to develop new, valuable content to support our lead generation activities. In small marketing teams like ours, a lack of time means you have to make tough choices about where you devote your time.

Q. As a marketer, what are your favourite sources of information that help you stay on top of the latest development trends?

I find the most effective way for me to learn and pick up new ideas is by attending events. Being away from the office allows me to look at things from a different perspective.

Brighton SEO is a new favourite that a colleague introduced me to. The broad range of experience among the attendees creates a great mix of sessions and you can always find something to match your level of understanding.

I also try to learn as much as possible from the agencies and experts we work with as it allows me to draw on a broad and practical range of experience. 

Then there’s the obvious online resources, like Moz, Hubspot and Crazy Egg which are really useful too – but I tend to use them quite reactively. 

Expolink & Moove Agency

WordPress Agency Developers

Q. We have worked together since 2016, what has been your experience of working with us?

Consummate professionalism, and helpful, genuine people that really know their discipline. Every member of the Moove team has impressed us. We were convinced of Moove’s capability and enthusiasm for the project at the outset, and your careful oversight ensured everything was delivered to spec and on time. I honestly don’t think we could have picked a nicer, more effective group of people to work with.

Q. What was the reason that you wanted to work with Moove on your WordPress project?

From the moment we saw the Moove website, we wanted to work with you. The way you presented information on the page, your approach to design, the way the site encouraged us to keep scrolling and clicking through your services and case studies – it all convinced us that you knew how to build engaging, effective websites.

Even in the early stages when we were speaking with multiple agencies, Moove stood out. You always responded promptly and professionally, creating a reassuring first impression. Moove also scored highly across the 10-20 criteria we used to help us shortlist potential development partners.

When we came to visit you at your offices that professionalism shone through again, and the subsequent proposal was clear and consistent with everything we’d already heard from you.

To really boil it down to the essentials, you showed us you could deliver great websites and convinced us that we could trust you with ours.

Q. Would you say that our work helps your work and achieving your marketing targets?

Absolutely. At a basic level, the first full month after launch delivered a record haul for inbound leads (more than 30% better than our previous best-ever month). Our year-on-year growth in this area is currently tracking at 70% – well beyond our expectations.

Aside from that, you’ve helped us bring our brand to life and create a stronger first impression with clients that makes them want to partner with us.

By way of an example, we had an enquiry shortly after launch from a large hotel chain who had researched a range of providers, including ourselves. They told us that the website had created such a positive first impression, they only wanted to speak with us and didn’t even make contact with our competitors.

Q. And finally, what’s next for Expolink?

We’re aiming to consolidate our position as the UK’s number one provider of outsourced whistleblowing services, and extend our reach further into Europe and beyond.

At a marketing level we’ll be promoting our recently-launched mobile app and trying to bring the rest of our marketing collateral up to the same standard as the website. Moove Agency have set the bar high so we’re looking forward to tackling that challenge.

Thanks, Jamie! Here’s to another Moove and Expolink collaboration!

The Expolink case study will be coming soon, check out Expolink’s website in the meantime.

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